Is Ebolt Luggage compliant to the current airlines regulations?

  • Yes, EBolt Luggage is safe to travel all over the World in ANY Airline. We know this because the regulation around "smart luggage" is about built-in batteries, and the EBolt Luggage battery pack is removable. All our components are compliant with all Airlines Regulation (IATA, EASA, TSA, FAA, etc.)

Is the battery removable?

  • Yes. We designed the batteries model to be easily removed with the push of a button

What are the battery specifications?

  • Our battery pack is a removable Lithium-ion Power Bank 5000mAh (18.5 Wh)

Do I need a charging cable?

  • Your EBolt Luggage comes with ONE charging cable cord for the removable battery pack.

How much can I charge my phone with the battery pack?

  • You can charge an iPhone around 2 times with the EBolt Luggage battery pack.

How long does the luggage have to roll to charge the battery?

  • At walking speed, EBolt Luggage charges about 20% of the battery within 15 minutes of walking

Which devices can I charge with the battery pack?

  • EBolt Luggage battery pack can charge anything that’s powered by a MICRO USB & USB-OUTPUT.

How much does Ebolt Luggage weigh?

  • EBolt Carry-on Luggage weights 4.08 kg/9 pounds

How does the lock system work?