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EBolt Luggage

Sharp Black

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It's time to always stay in charge, with Ebolt! Wherever, whenever.

The self-charging travel companion is a kinetic energy based suitcase using our proprietary technology - helping you stay connected one step at a time.

Let's put it into perspective - everyone is familiar with coal. Did you know that type of resource slowly destroys the atmosphere for every pound of it burned? Well, with Ebolt's one mile of walking, you already helped reduce carbon emission from coals by 2 Ibs!

Now you can have peace of mind knowing that on your travels, you can be connected through this type of power without negatively impacting the planet.


Features and Details


  • Lightweight, durable outer shell designed with strong polycarbonate material

  • Fully lined, spacious interior to carry your belongings.
  • Two innovative power-generating luggage wheels create charges for the removable/portable power bank as you roll it. Which means you'll never have to plug into a wall outlet to charge your essential devices.

  • Comes with one Removable 5000 mAh Battery - Rechargeable by Kinetic Wheels or External Outlet

  • Meets the airline requirements for most major airlines as carry-on luggage

  • EBolt complies with TSA, FAA, IATA, and UN/DOT 38.3 regulations and requirements.

Exterior Measurements: 22" x 14" x 9"

Interior Measurements: 20" x 13"

Weight: 4.08 kg / 9 pounds

Capacity: 38 L


Your EBOLT will ship GUARANTEED within 2-3 weeks.